Leitungsteam und Partner in China und Ghana

Management team and partners in China and Ghana


Prof. Dr. Ing. Karl – Heinz Winter, born 21.03.1956


Permanent member of the Academy of Engineering Sciences in the Czech Republic

Managing Director of HTG Ingenieurbüro GmbH in Schwerin


Stefan Börngen, born 23.02.1959


Supervisor and organisational consultant

Economic Ambassador of the Federal State of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Governmental advisor in the province of Hunan and official representative of the CCPIT representing the province in Germany

General Manager of the entrepreneurial platform in the province of Hunan (China) Hunan Sino-German Science and Technology Incubator Co., Ltd.


Partner in China

Our firm is the main partner of the International (European) Platform (Hunan Sino-German Science and Technology Incubator Co., Ltd.) through which the Chinese government promotes the development of business relationships between Germany and China. It is composed of 22 experts, who accompany the development of international business relationships. In China we run B&W Consulting and Management Ltd. (www.bwicg.com).


Partner in Ghana

In Ghana we work closely with PIRON Global Development Ghana Ltd. (www.piron.global). The company employs experts from the fields of business development and location, marketing and sales, promotion and financing and management and law.